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Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London, Essex & Kent


Click on the images below to explore our beautiful array of items for hire.
Browse our vintage wedding furniture and prop selection and contact us for details.

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Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London

If you’re looking for that perfect piece to complete a vintage setup, you can look no further than our vintage furniture and prop hire! Our selection is constantly growing, so make sure to keep checking in with us to see the latest additions to our Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London.


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They’re New!

Our vintage furniture and prop hire is a great addition to any wedding, tea party, bridal shower, baby shower… the possibilities are endless!

Contact us with your request and make sure to mention your interest in our vintage furniture hire. Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London.


Unique, Hand-Painted Furniture!

All of our vintage furniture is hand-painted and uniquely embellished to give it that certain sparkle that is sure to add to any event. You won’t find a single replicate on the market – we guarantee that our products are a one-of-a-kind purchase and worth every penny. Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London.

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Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London

Vintage Wedding Furniture Hire London